Club Nintendo Best of 2013: Fan Faves

We asked Club Nintendo members which games they loved best for Wii U™
and Nintendo 3DS™ systems. See if your favorites made the cut!
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Wii UTop Ten
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD
The Legend of Zelda™:
The Wind Waker HD
What fans said
Super Mario 3D World
Super Mario™ 3D World
What fans said
Rayman® Legends
Rayman® Legends
What fans said
Pikmin 3
Pikmin™ 3
What fans said
Monster Hunter™ 3 Ultimate
Monster Hunter™ 3 Ultimate
What fans said
"Best Zelda game yet. A++ Nintendo."
— Jason, 29
"There is so much content. You'll never be bored! And the world is immersive and interesting — you'll want to explore every nook and cranny."
— Chloe, 15
"Having the GamePad to view your map and select items in Zelda is an awesome experience!"
— Adam, 32
"A must have for any Mario fan!"
— Lindy, 22
"It's a fun game that the whole family can play together. And spend quality time together."
— Tamara, 39
"This game is a must have!!!!!! It is a game you will not regret trying and is very fun especially with more people. The graphics are amazing and the content and levels are amazingly fun and enjoyable."
— Andrew, 15
"Pure fun platforming. Excellent music. Wonderful controls. Nothing short of a masterpiece."
— Dorian, 19
"Rayman Legends is the best co-op experience available and the Wii U's exclusive touch screen co-op levels make it that much more enjoyable."
— Mike, 22
"You won't find a better game that suits the whole family! From my 3 year old to myself (35 year old) we have a great time playing this together. What a fun platforming experience!"
— Matt, 35
"This game is so cute and fun to play. I love the way the WiiU gamepad was used in this."
— Arabella, 16
"I loved Pikmin 3! It is the greatest installment in the series!"
— Kayla, 21
"This is a beautiful game world with a lot of secrets to find and places to explore. There are many creatures to interact with, but beware some of them are DANGEROUS! Ha Ha"
— Steven, 56
"Why are you reading this when you could be slaying monsters?"
— Truman, 34
"Epic boss battles, customizable characters. And loot. Lots and lots of loot."
— Danny, 22
"I would recommend this game because you can play online with all of your friends and people around the world and it's very nice because you always have some quest to do, and some monster to hunt."
— Gabriel, 19
Assassins Creed® IV: Black Flag™
Assassins Creed® IV:
Black Flag™
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BIT.TRIP Presents... Runner2: Future of Rhythm Alien
BIT.TRIP Presents... Runner2: Future of Rhythm Alien
What fans said
The Wonderful 101
The Wonderful 101™
What fans said
LEGO City: Undercover
LEGO City®:
What fans said
DuckTales: Remastered
DuckTales: Remastered
What fans said
"Arrrrr. I'm a pirate."
— Stephen, 35
"great game tons of DEPTH and UNIQUE FLAVOR"
— Arkades, 27
"Awesome game! Awesome naval battles, diving, and great shanties of pirates songs!"
— Pedro, 30
"you can unlock a cheese burger with a disco outfit what else needs to be said"
— Isaac, 28
"The game trains you to react and it feels very satisfying when you finish a level with a perfect +."
— Lauren, 25
"For anyone who enjoys quirky humor, outstanding music, and top-notch controls, Runner 2 is a game for you."
— Jack, 15
"This game is a must-have for anybody owning a Wii U. Endless amount of content, fun and hectic combat, hillarious dialogue, and the game rewards you for learning its depth. The best game I've played on Wii U!"
— Daniel, 15
"The Wonderful 101 is what video games are all about. They just don't make 'em like this anymore! I went in not knowing what to expect- I came out with my mind blown"
— Jaxon, 29
"Wonderful 101 is a very high quality game. The game is challenging at first, but it becomes easier as you make the characters stronger and as you learn how to overcome some enemies and obstacles."
— Jefferson, 40
"This game is a fun family game! Not only do the kids have fun but so do the adults!"
— Stephanie, 23
"These games are fun for all ages plus there is no sex or blood so kids can play. I am 40 and I have fun playing with my 6 year old"
— Jennifer, 41
"I loved this entire game. The story is absolutely amazing. The voice acting is spot-on. The characters are very lovable. The explorable world is great. Every detail of this game was made as best as it possibly could be, and it delivers."
— Bill, 14
"If you like great platformers, a bit of a challenge, or even cartoons, highly recommend this game to you."
— Kevin, 14
This game was remastered perfectly! It is exactly how I remember the original version, except better!"
— Tiffany, 21
"DuckTales Remastered is a classic game brought back to life with imaginative visuals. If you enjoyed the original on NES, this is a great way to share that experience with younger family and friends."
— Scott, 30
3DSTop TenAlso playable on Nintendo 2DS systems
The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
The Legend of Zelda™:
A Link Between Worlds
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Fire Emblem: Awakening
Fire Emblem
What fans said
Pokemon X
Pokémon X ™
What fans said
Pokemon Y
Pokémon Y
What fans said
Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Animal Crossing™:
New Leaf
What fans said
"The best hand held Zelda game in years!"
— Gabriel, 16
"It was the best game I bought this year! I loved it!"
— Gregory, 19
"Great story, characters, puzzles, and combat. Awesome through and through."
— Kristofer, 35
"This is the best strategy rpg game I have played yet!"
— Deanne, 26
"The gameplay, story, characters, and art are AMAZING. Genuinely one of my favorite games of all time."
— Stephanie, 21
"If you have a 3DS, buy this game RIGHT NOW. The soundtrack is incredible, the gameplay is challenging and fun, and the storyline is beautiful. This game was worth the time, effort, and money, and it's one of my favorite video games I own."
— Sophie, 13
"Great replay value, perfect for all ages and fun to play with friends!"
-Lillian, 16
"It's absolutely fantastic. It"s a beautiful, well-crafted adventure from start to finish."
— Taylor, 22
"I love the whole new art style, mega evolution, and the choice of 2 starters. IT'S AMAZING!!!"
— Bradley, 13
"The game has grown to include a massive amount of content and is really worth the money."
— Joyce Anne, 17
— Evan, 13
"It is brimming with the personality and charm of the pokemon I fell in love with as a child."
— Jessie, 20
"Relaxing, fun, and fresh... Every day I play!"
— Richard, 13
"It"s a very fun game for the whole family."
— Sherri, 24
"A magical world with cute animals, tons of stuff to collect, and decorate. Best game for the 3DS!"
— Jessica, 34
Phoenix Wright®: Ace Attorney® - Dual Destinies
Phoenix Wright®: Ace Attorney® - Dual Destinies
What fans said
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
Monster Hunter™ 3 Ultimate
What fans said
Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
Luigi's Mansion™:
Dark Moon
What fans said
Rune Factory 4
Rune Factory 4
What fans said
Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
Mario & Luigi™:
Dream Team
What fans said
"It was amazing. The story blew me away. It literally made me cry."
— Autumn, 21
"If like solving mysteries or playing as a lawyer then give this game a spin."
— Shareek, 22
"Fantastic game! Contains a lot of interesting characters, great storytelling, and great graphics!"
— Trevor, 29
"Very deep and rewarding experience"
— Andrew, 25
"Big weapons, big monsters, and epic hunts all within your pocket."
— John, 27
"i love this game. This is by far the best RPG on the 3ds. it has such an extensive amount of content, and it is all entertaining. this is my favorite game that i have ever played, and i love the ability to transfer data from the wii U to the 3ds."
— Isaak, 14
"One of the best 3ds games ever"
— Joseph, 29
"The most fun I've had from a game in awhile, and Luigi is adorable too!"
— Sarah, 20
"Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon is one of the best games I have ever played, and just when I think I am done, there are still more levels and tasks to complete!"
— Emma, 13
"Hack! Slash! Farm! Love! What else do you need in a game?! :)"
— Tim, 31
"Farming, socializing and fighting, all of them in one great game!"
— Tomas, 27
"This game is the most fun I have had yet with the 3DS. The amount of content in the game is seemingly endless."
— Robert, 30
"lovely, funny, heartwarming game that only nintendo can deliver"
— Gilbert, 36
"This is a very imaginatively challenging game. Great storyline and graphics make this game a must-have!"
— Matt, 13
"It is a extremely fun game. Probably the best game in the series!"
— Kelly, 18
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